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WePresent is WeTransfer’s award-winning digital arts and editorial platform, telling unexpected stories of creativity from across the globe. We collaborate with artists to create brand new projects, profile and spotlight emerging creatives, and offer learning content to help you figure out all the stuff they just don’t tell you at art school.

Whether you’re into photography, film, tech, music, design, or just random stories about amazing people making cool stuff, you’ll find something here for you. Whatever it is, if it’s fascinating, beautiful (or both), we’ll probably like it. And we think you will, too.

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Aleksandra BilićThe Score25:12
JulianknxxBlack Corporeal (Between This Air)03:40
Jesse BernardCOMO VOCÊ15:06
Riz Ahmed and Aneil KariaThe Long Goodbye11:42
Little SimzI Love You, I Hate You22:55
Zara MeerzaThe Twins12:45